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If you search for international education programs in Croatia, you will find a remarkably limited number of programs available online. The reason for this is for anyone to guess, but Croatian schools, universities and institutions seem to be oblivious to the fact that nothing aids learning as much as cross-cultural cooperation and openness to new thoughts and influences.

INCroatia does not do anything revolutionary. We merely fill in the void between a beautiful Mediterranean country with a rich history and the hundreds of educational programs that are looking for a place just like Croatia to stage their programs at. In doing so, we draw on our profound knowledge of local culture and organizations, as well the many connections we have established over the years with universities, schools, cultural organizations and non-formal learning centers.

This is where the story gets interesting. Despite not being proactive in marketing themselves and forging international cooperations, there are hundreds of great education partners around Croatia that cover anything from children’s camps, via creative start-ups to well established professional training at graduate level. When you combine this with the one thing that Croatia is well known for – stunning nature and great weather at affordable prices – then you have a travel avenue well worth exploring.

“Being in Croatia this summer was amazing! Being able to travel to different parts of the country and be a part of a bunch of different activities was so much fun. I participated in almost every excursion ProperCroatia took us on and loved every one! Ivan and Filip were wonderful and did a great job of making our trip go as smoothly as possible. I am so grateful I had this experience and would definitely recommend INCroatia for any study abroad.
-Amanda Dohn

“It was lovely experience meeting new friends, expanding your horizon of cultural perspective and enjoying great time in beautiful Croatia. Respected profesors provided great insight into the subject matter of IP Law. I’m sorry it ended so soon.”
-Uroš Rangus

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