Drama & Film

Drawing on our outstanding partnerships with theaters and drama schools, INCroatia has the most to offer in this particular domain. Starting with TRY theatre’s revolutionary project “Star-Crossed Cultures”, which puts students in the driver’s seat and has them plan out and create a production of Romeo and Juliet, to further camps, internships and visits – we have our theatrical curtains drawn wide open! Possibly the most inspiring facet of drama camps in Croatia lies in the sheer amount of medieval castles, forts and mansions it has to offer. Such a setting, needless to say, really helps bring out the classical pieces in performers as no studio or artificial setting can. We know the spots and have established relations with the organizations that manage them. We would love to put you in touch with an ideal spot for your next project.

Added Value

Although not known for a large expat community, Croatia is not in want of international theatre and film professionals. Work with seasoned West End and RSC performers to receive some invaluable guidance.


  • wide choice of medieval castles, forts and mansions
  • technical support in terms of lighting, costumes, make-up
  • safe, fun and affordable housing, food and activities
  • 24/7 support and emergency staff