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Why? Because we’re not very touristy people. We feel that the best way to experience local culture is to have real experiences. Sure there are still touristy places and many of them are touristy for the right reasons – the turquoise waterfall of Plitvice Lakes are a good example of that ….

Sample Excursions

Wonders of Plitvice Lakes
Students can explore this ‘must see’ Croatian destination is Plitvice Lakes National Park, which has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979. Sparkling cascades and monumental waterfalls mark Plitvice Lakes as the epitome of Croatia’s natural beauty, and over a million visitors each year agree unanimously.

The Roman Trail
Rediscover the glory days of the majestic Roman empire. We’ll drive the coastal road from Opatija and head to Pula via Labin and finish in Vodnjan. Students will roam the Pula Arena, the 6th largest Roman amphitheater in the world and see the incredibly preserved Augustus’s Palace, sitting at the heart of the city next to modern day cafes and shops.

Inside Istria
With this day trip, see Istria through the lens of its inhabitants. We’ll visit wineries, go truffle hunting, and medieval hilltop towns. Complete with a beautiful canvas of rolling hills, fertile ground and lush forests, the Istria region won’t disappoint you.

Kvarner Bay Sea Kayaking
You’ll get a chance to escape the crowd and experience the Croatian coastal sites from an entirely new perspective! Paddle beneath impressive cliffs, uncover hidden caves and remote Croatian beaches, immersing yourself completely in Croatia’s most organic allure. No paddling experience necessary!

The Extreme: Water & Air
For those looking to get a kick out of their stay in Croatia we have prepared four enthralling activity options designed to capture natural beauty while pushing the adrenaline into gear. Options include: one-day-pilot, skydiving tandem jumps, wake boarding and sailing school.

Excursion to Diocletian’s Split
Don’t miss the opportunity to see Split’s central landmark, the UNESCO protected Diocletian’s Palace. The palace is one of the best Roman monuments from the Late Empire era. Unlike other historical destinations, Diocletian’s Palace sits at Split’s core, a city beating with the exotic bustle of three thousand locals and many more curious tourists!

Cheese and Wine Tour Island of Brać
Our Cheese and Wine Tour on Brać, a small island off the coast from Split, treats visitors to the best domestic produce in Croatia. You can also learn how it is made straight from the people who devote their lives to it! Between cheese and wine tutorials and tastings, enjoy swimming at the most famous beaches around Europe in the breathtaking Zlatni rat.

Konavle Archaeological Tour
The Konavle archaeological tour sets itself apart as an unfiltered snapshot of Dubrovnik’s countryside and its ancient tribes, the Illyirians and Bogumils. Evidence of Paleolithic and Neolithic eras vibrate along the ruins of glorious caves and Konavle monuments. Flee modern Croatia and witness this archaeological majesty during our half day private tour of ancient Konavle.


Absolutely loved Croatia! The country was beautiful and we got to do so much! Every other day we were offered an optional excursion that allowed us to do various activities and took us to different parts of the country. The National Park was the best, it was beautiful and the weather was perfect. I am so happy that I had the opportunity to experience Croatia while studying IP Law and I definitely plan on returning in the future.
– Rebecca Lambert

INCroatia handled our law school study abroad program (about 40 people, half from the US). From arranging for special discounts at local restaurants to booking weekend excursions, they went the extra mile to make our stay special. I really appreciated how responsive Ivan was when it came to organizing smaller trips for students wanting to explore the country on their own.
– Erin Sweeney

Croatia was the most beautiful place I have ever visited! INCroatia made sure everything was flawless. We visited amazing places–cute towns, sparkling beaches, delicious wineries, etc. and met even more amazing people. This Croatia experience is something I will remember forever.
– Hilary McDaniel

As someone looking to experience Croatia with no knowledge of the local language or culture, I must say I am glad to have had INCroatia lead the way. I wanted to see the History in the ancient towns, Kayak the Adriatic, visit the Wineries that the country is know for, have no transportation issues, and even after a few adventures with them getting to know me, they modified their recommendations to what they felt I was more interested in. They all speak fluent English, Very helpful recommending how to navigate the local area on your own, and were always on time and able to be reached when needed. I highly recommend reaching out to them as a guide in Croatia.
– Justin Bryd