High School Travel in Croatia

One of the safest and most beautiful countries in Europe, Croatia is well equipped to host a myriad of educational programs for teenagers. Starting with the already established camps focused around creative, exploratory or sports activities, the country’s topography and human resources allow for many more programs to be developed based on the interests and inclinations of specific groups. INCroatia has already worked with groups that based their programs on maritime exploration, endangered animal retreats, botanical and herbal projects, adrenalin activities, creative studies and arts, and history. Each of these programs has taught us more about the country we live in, and we love working with new groups in making sure that their ideas are understood, met and paired with the ideal local stakeholders.

Added Value

Your program, while primarily focused on one subject, can still enjoy a variety of other activities from our spectre that will keep the students entertained, focused and committed.


  • wide variety of different programs available
  • working with local organisations to create perfect learning opportunities
  • safe, fun and affordable housing, food and activities
  • 24/7 support and emergency staff