Managed by a former professional basketball player, INCroatia is particularly passionate about its indoor sports portfolio. Four magnificent new gyms, all built in the last seven years, conveniently surround the company’s headquarters in Opatija. Each gym has the capability to be divided into three separate functional courts and is fully equipped to host and meet the demands of basketball, volleyball, handball or indoor soccer events and camps. Additionally, three of the four halls also have weight rooms, and two have conference rooms for team meetings and analysis. Within an hour drive, there are five more similar gyms that we cooperate with, and each is embedded into stunning nature and history.

Extra value?

The INCroatia team fully understands all the details and logistics that go into a successful sports camp. We delight in working with our customers to ensure that all needs are met- from finding ideal opponents, referees, equipment, and support staff to providing proper accommodation and local insight into how best to enjoy leisure time.


  • Modern gyms divisible into smaller courts
  • Adjacent weights rooms and conference rooms
  • Organizing scrimmage partners and support staff
  • All within a 15 minute drive from hotels