Triathlon Training in Croatia

INCroatia is proud to present a triathlon location that offers an ideal combination of nature, facilities and services to get the most out of your training efforts.


With the calm waves of the Adriatic turning directly into considerable mountains, the micro-location of Opatija and Rijeka in Croatia merges the warm-weather benefits of Spanish and Italian camps with the hard-core, mountainous training offered in the French Alps.

Average yearly air temperature: 16 *C (21 *C between April and November)
Average yearly sea temperature: 15 *C (19 *C between April and November)
Salinity of the sea: 38%
Sunshine, hours per year: 2230 (1490 between April and November)

Mount Učka Trail

Cycling Tour of Istria

Open-water swimming in Opatija


The beach-side Kantrida Swimming Pool Complex in western Rijeka boasts two Olympic pools (indoor and outdoor), two indoor 25-m pools, as well as a weights room and a massage centre – all under the same roof. As such, it presents one of the top swimming facilities in Europe, regularly hosting training camps for USA Swimming, Denmark Swimming, Croatia Water Polo and many more. This year-round facility is an excellent way to complement the open water component when focusing on technique.

Exactly 350 meters from the Pool Complex lies the Indoor Track Hall, built in 2010, offering a comprehensive track training platform.
Furthermore, the indoor hall overlooks the Adriatic and the Kantrida outdoor stadium, a unique track wedged between limestone cliffs and the Adriatic, offering a full 400-m running circle.

Kantrida Swimming Pools

Kantrida Indoor Track Hall

Kantrida Outdoor Stadium


At a mere 10 km of open road from the Kantrida training centre lies the town of Opatija. Erected in the late 19th century as a sumptuous resort for Habsburg aristocracy, the town still carries much of the regal charm. Moreover, it offers a wide selection of excellent hotels, starting from high-end hostels for youth camps to 5* properties for elite training camps.

Opatija is ideally located on the sea, allowing for open-water sessions to start directly from the hotel, with the help of our seasoned support boat pilots or sea-kayaks. Opatija also lies on the lungo mare, a 12-km long coastal promenade connecting the villages of Volosko and Lovran along the curvy shore. If inclined for a more challenging run, there are several different ant trails leading from Opatija to the top of Mount Ucka (1400 m altitude), and the mountain is also accessible by a low-traffic asphalt road offering a stretch of 14% inclines. Between the Kvarner region and the adjoining Istria region, there is more than a thousand km of cycling tracks within easy reach from Opatija. Naturally, we provide van and logistics support.

Opatija Riviera

Lungomare Promenade in Opatija

Mount Učka above Opatija


USA Swimming in Croatia

INCroatia Youth Swim Camp

RECCE trip

Come and see for yourself! From March 10 until 12, we will be hosting a recce trip for representatives of 8 select triathlon teams. We will be covering return airport transfers from ZAG, half board hotel accommodation, and all the touring and inspections during the two days.


Opatija is within 2.5 hrs drive from the following airports:
Rijeka (RJK) 40 mins
Pula (PUY) 90 mins
Trieste (TRS) 105 mins
Zagreb (ZAG) 120 mins
Ljubljana (LJU) 120 mins
Venice (VCE) 150 mins
Treviso (TSF) 150 mins

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