Why work with us?

With over 500 happy sportsmen and students so far, INCroatia has quickly become the area’s leading Sports and Education DMC. With programs coming from all over the world, we have helped national swim teams, universities, high-schools, and many others organize their stay and activities in Croatia. Other than working with our foreign partners, we have also organized various successful youth camps and a basketball coaches’ clinic by ourselves.

Top-notch facilities, great food and accommodation, and the Adriatic setting are a great combination for any program. However, whether you are a sportsman or a professor, there are additional reasons why you should work with us:


Croatia is the only Mediterranean country in the European Union that is currently not on the Euro. That means that although the quality of the facilities is very high, the cost of living is not: all of the sports camps, swimming pools, universities and hotels we work with were built or renovated to conform to the highest European standards, but retain affordable prices.

2. Time saving

It is up to you to inform us about your program, and it is up to us to do everything else. Sure, you could check everything and arrange the transports, the venues and the accommodation, but when you have a thousand things to do for your program, there is nothing better than having a trusted partner that will do the local legwork.

3. Local knowledge and insider tips

While information is becoming ever more accessible via the Internet, local knowledge and expertise are still irreplaceable. We personally inspect the venues and sites, provide realistic travel times assessments, and we can help connect you to suitable programs, even if they do not have a strong digital presence. As an experienced DMC, we know what works and what doesn’t. And don’t forget – we speak the language! A lot of people in Croatia understand English, but having a local company organize every detail helps ensure it will actually happen.

4. Peace of mind

In addition to saving your time, money and sanity spent on micromanaging every aspect of the program, your advisor is available 24/7 before, during, and after your trip. Whatever happens, or whatever you need, you just need to call one number and we will get it done for you. While you focus on the subject of your program, we make sure everything else is perfect.

It’s simple: your idea, INcroatia.