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School trips can be tricky.

Beyond the sheer responsibility of accounting for the students, putting together a trip that will be educational, interesting, safe and diverse is all but easy. On top of that, if you have to organise it in a destination you are not familiar with, this can be a real challenge.

We’ve initially opened the doors of Croatia to International Baccalaureate schools and their CAS and PDW programmes. With time, more and more schools

recognised the potential of Croatia as a magnificent school trip destination,

which combines nature, history and climate with modern accommodation, great food and safety.

In working with various schools, we’ve been forced to re-discover Croatia and single out those organisations and providers that can offer

genuine experiences to our school partners.

In doing so, we’ve created a database of tried and tested partners and a web of friendships and life-changing experiences.


is no new entry on the tourist map of Europe. The fascinating Adriatic coast, the intricately interwoven history and the gastronomic delights it offers have made it a centuries-old favorite of European travelers and, as of late, of travelers from around the world.

But beyond the sheer natural beauty, there is a side to Croatia that is not as known: 

the country is filled with top notch, modern sports facilities.

 Drawing on the long history of disproportional sporting success for such a small country and a genuine passion for sports this has produced, the local governments have invested heavily into gyms, courts, pools, tracks and fields of various sorts. And whereas most of these are used by local clubs and organizations, they are still open to commercial use, especially in summer months.

Commercial, in the case of Croatia, does not also mean expensive.

 Quite the contrary, almost all of the facilities are owned by the local municipalities and priced in a way that local organizations can afford to put them to use. Considering that the standard of living is still considerably lower in Croatia than it is its Mediterranean counterparts or Western Europe, the prices likewise reflect this gap and 

make Croatia a much more affordable destination.

Between the stunning nature, excellent facilities, manifold accommodation options and affordable prices, INCroatia has started showing the world just what a great fit Croatia is for sports camps, competitions and recreational activities of various sorts.