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Croatia is no new entry on the tourist map of Europe. The fascinating Adriatic coast, the intricately interwoven history and the gastronomic delights it offers have made it a centuries-old favorite of European travelers and, as of late, of travelers from around the world.

But beyond the sheer natural beauty, there is a side to Croatia that is not as known: the country is filled with top notch, modern sports facilities. Drawing on the long history of disproportional sporting success for such a small country and a genuine passion for sports this has produced, the local governments have invested heavily into gyms, courts, pools, tracks and fields of various sorts. And whereas most of these are used by local clubs and organizations, they are still open to commercial use, especially in summer months.

Commercial, in the case of Croatia, does not also mean expensive. Quite the contrary, almost all of the facilities are owned by the local municipalities and priced in a way that local organizations can afford to put them to use. Considering that the standard of living is still considerably lower in Croatia than it is its Mediterranean counterparts or Western Europe, the prices likewise reflect this gap and make Croatia a much more affordable destination.

Between the stunning nature, excellent facilities, manifold accommodation options and affordable prices, INCroatia has started showing the world just what a great fit Croatia is for sports camps, competitions and recreational activities of various sorts.


“By any measure, this is certainly one of the best facilities in the world to train in even if you didn’t have the sea behind you. But if you have the sea behind you with this kind of facility, it’s as good as I have ever seen in the world – better than any facility in the United States. ”
– David Marsh, SwimMAC Carolina, CEO

“It’s by far one of my favorite places I have ever been. They sent pictures before we got here and honestly I was like, “Could it really be that pretty?” and I got here and oh my gosh, it’s even better than the pictures!”
– Missy Franklin, 4-time Olympic gold medalist

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Basketball, handball, indoor soccer training, events and camps

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Open water swimming, pools, waterpolo, and paddle boarding

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Youth Camps

Youth Camps

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“We moved our swim camp to this exciting new location in 2014 and it resulted in more interest from our swimmers, much better facilities and lower costs. We’ll be going on three years next summer and we are still happy with the move.”
– Tim Denyer, Red Top Swim, London